GoBidToday.com is operated by Kyle & Ashley Musick, Idaho natives. You can find us at 1235 Highway 95 N, Grangeville, ID. We are 1 mile northwest of Fenn at mile marker 248. 

Our office hours are based on the auction calendar, so check for inspection and check-out times. You can also contact us to make an appointment.

You can contact us by email at info@gobidtoday.com

By phone: (208) 983-7770

Kyle: (208) 954-6866

Thank you!

Who is GoBidToday.com?

Owned by Kyle & Ashley Musick, GoBidToday.com is a locally owned, family operated auction company based out of Grangeville, ID. We pride ourselves on conducting auctions with integrity and honesty.

Why Auction?

Auctions, when conducted correctly, are the best and most efficient way to sell your assets. A major misconception is that auctions are only for distressed or discounted property. The fact is auctions are the primary sales method when selling valuable assets such as vintage vehicles, multi-million dollar homes and priceless pieces of art. Think of auction companies such as Barrett-Jackson, Sotheby’s or Christie’s Auctions. The competitive bidding of an auction and the bidding of prospective buyers sets the price and market value of an asset. The item will not sell for more than the highest bid and will not sell for less than the high bid. The bidders determine the market value of an item when sold at auction.

Why pick GoBidToday.com for your auction needs?

We value all of our clients and customers. We take the time to catalog and picture each lot, no matter what type of auction we are conducting. This brings value to our buyers and sellers alike because the buyer knows exactly what they are buying, and are more likely to bid higher with that knowledge. We employ proper security methods and carry insurance to protect our auction inventory. Post-auction, both buyers and sellers are provided with a complete accounting of the auction, for either the items they bought, or the items they sold.

We offer several different types of auction: live, online only, live with online absentee bidding, and live with online simulcast bidding. Each type has its own benefits. There are also several factors to consider when deciding on the type of auction that would best suit the seller’s needs. An in-depth conversation with the Auctioneer will help determine how best to serve your needs.

We enjoy the auction business. We get to meet new people, learn something about a specific piece of merchandise, and see different places and items every day. Our clients and customers are some of the best people around. We sincerely hope to add you to our list of favorite people!

A little bit about Kyle:

Kyle Musick is not new to the auction industry. He was born and raised in the Treasure Valley helping his parents run their auction company. After moving the auction facility to Eagle, ID, in 1991, Kyle would help his mother run the Food Booth and run clerking sheets on auction day. As he grew, he learned more of the auction business and at the age of 15, he was placed as yard supervisor on auction day.

Kyle attended Meridian High School and participated in the FFA. All through his childhood, he was involved in 4H and other agricultural programs.

In 2008, the auction moved to Nampa, Idaho. At that warehouse location, weekly online auctions were conducted. While Kyle was actively involved in the weekly operations, he also handled any business liquidation or estate auction inquiries.

Kyle officially became an auctioneer in 2010 after attending Texas Auction Academy. Soon after, he was working as an auctioneer for several Boise area auction houses. Many storage companies in Ada and Canyon counties employed him to conduct their storage unit auctions. He quickly became a trusted auctioneer in his community, and has been asked to auctioneer for various benefit organizations including Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ada County 4H Extension, Bishop Kelly Football, and Gem County Sheriff’s Posse. In December 2014, Kyle was honored with the Friends of 4H award by the Ada County 4H Extension for his continued support of the program.

He received his real estate license in 2013, and successfully completed his first online real estate auction within 90 days. He has since used his license to help co-market real estate auctions with personal property auctions as part of estate liquidations.

In 2014, Kyle moved with his family to Grangeville, Idaho, to continue in the auction industry in a new market. He works with his wife Ashley to bring quality auction services to North Central Idaho.

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with his kids.

A little bit about Ashley:

Ashley joined the auction business in February 2004, when she married Kyle. Though born in Oregon, Ashley has lived in Idaho most of her life. She grew up in the Boise area, graduating from Meridian High School in 2002.

In 2005, she began working full-time at the auction as an auction day cashier and title clerk. Soon, she was in charge of the internet operations including live simulcast bidding on auction day, internet cataloging, and shipping. In 2009, she began training as bookkeeper. Since then, she was trained and became skilled in almost every aspect of the office management side of the business, making her an integral part of the auction team.

In 2014, Ashley moved with Kyle to Grangeville, Idaho, to continue in the auction industry in a new market. She works with Kyle to bring quality auction services to North Central Idaho.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, fishing, and spending time with their kids. She loves living on the Camas Prairie! She especially loves the close-knit small town atmosphere and short commute.